Work With Me

Want to work with me on bringing a project to life? Drawing on my background and a variety of skills and tools, I can edit, encourage, mentor, brainstorm, coach and more to help your creative baby blossom.


Do you need help birthing a project and bringing its life into this world? Perhaps it’s a book baby or maybe it’s an essay or an article. Maybe it’s even a business. If you need help creating it, I can be your project douala. Sessions include coaching, and may include holistic healing arts techniques such as meditations, body scans or journal assignments.

60 mins: $75*
*packages available. Contact for more information.


Whether you need copy editing for grammar, style and punctuation or if you need a critical thinker to help with structure and big-picture edits, I’m the editor for your project. I have worked as a magazine and newspaper editor for more than a decade, and I have worked as an English tutor and book editor. I’ve also helped healing arts professionals with e-book editing.

Pricing varies by project. Contact me for more details.