“Britt is one of the most exceptional journalists and people I’ve gotten the pleasure of meeting in my 24-year career in journalism. I have hired more than 400 journalists in all kinds of roles, including being the top editor of two different papers which were the largest in their respective states. I can say unequivocally that Britt remains at the top of my list of very talented people with whom I have been proud to work.” —Darrell Ehrlick

“I’ve been a hiring manager in the communications field for the better part of three decades, and I still consider Britt one of the best hires of my career (and as it turned out, one of the better editors with whom I’ve worked). It’s a great loss to the community that neither of the two publications on which I worked with her still exist, but if you choose to bring her onboard, I’m confident in saying that our loss will be your gain.” —Scott Fagerstrom

“Britt is smart and a quick learner and will immerse herself in this job and learn quickly what is needed to accomplish the work that needs to be done. I believe she will be a great hire.” —Teresa McFarland

“Building relationships is one of Britt’s biggest strengths. She genuinely loves getting to know other people and understanding who they are as a person. … Britt is [also] very conscientious and is one of the very best writers I have ever worked with.” —Sarah Blanchard

“I’m so glad I can finally recognize Britt officially now that she is an FTE! On the segment team, Britt was a tremendous asset and just a real team player. She is detail oriented, a problem solver, and a hard worker. Now in her new role, I’ve already been able to work with her on several projects and she is EXCELLENT to work with. Her writing requires very little, if any, editing, and she keeps the team posted every step of the way. We are working on a rather complicated nurture campaign, and she is right there in the planning process with us. GREAT addition to the creative team. THANK YOU BRITT!” —Chelsea Youngquist

“Britt is one of the best humans I know. She has a generous heart and a passion to serve. She truly wants what is best for you and will do what she can to make that happen. I know I can always count on Britt and I’m grateful we crossed paths. You’ll be blessed by the chance to work with Britt!” —Jen Grant