This is me (front center, in pink) goofing around with some friends in August 2019.

My name is Britt Johnsen. I’m a Minnesota native, a professional writer and a multidisciplinary creator.

I’m blessed and cursed with feeling interested in everything under the sun. That’s why I can be found in seemingly contradictory places, creating content about or for Fortune 500 companies, editing lifestyle magazines, creating a website for a Pulitzer-winning reporter and musician, writing poetry, writing about the healing arts and crafting social media posts and videos for a wide range of audiences.

I used to feel weird for being interested in so many topics. Often the world wants to make sense of people by putting them in boxes and labeling them. I’ve never neatly fit into one category and I wished I could. But more and more, I see my wide-ranging interests as a strength — especially with modern content creation. And as it turns out, a lot of us are just wired this way.

I feel so lucky to be read and recognized as a writer. My writing has appeared in the Pioneer Press, Star Tribune, Yahoo Finance and nytimes.com. I’ve won more than a dozen awards and honors from the Associated Press, National Society of Professional Journalists and the New York Times Company Foundation, among other organizations.

To read a more formal and detailed list about my accomplishments and positions, please meet me on LinkedIn.

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