Hi, I’m Britt Johnsen.britt-johnsen-photo

I’m a journalist, yogini and cat mom. I’m also a Minnesotan, nature lover, coffee snob and lifelong learner. I love music and cooking and sleeping in, too.

At age 5, I started scribbling in a journal about the New Kids on the Block, my little brother and letters to an imaginary diary reader named Sam. At age 8, I decided that I would become a professional writer. I graduated from the University of Minnesota with a degree in English (minor in print journalism).

After writing my way around a variety of Minnesota newspapers, websites and even some magazines, I now work as a general assignment multimedia reporter for a Twin Cities-based company that publishes eight weekly newspapers. My writing appears in several of them. Check us out!

After I graduated from college, one of my mentors — a Pulitzer-winning journalist — told me I should find something else besides journalism that I love. (For him, it’s music.) That would bring balance to my life and depth to my work, he advised.

A year or two after he said that, I fell deeply in love with yoga and the healing arts. My mentor was right — the practice made my life better and it has given me a new perspective on life. Once a workaholic, I now believe deeply in the importance of work-life balance. And my love for truth-seeking emerges both in my work in journalism and in my practice as a yogini.

If there is anything I’ve learned, it’s this: follow your heart and your dreams and you can’t go wrong. Your path could take you to unexpected places but it is entirely worth it.