Fun Facts

Me, goofing with some pals in summer 2019. I’m in the polka dot shirt in the middle.

1.) I have two cats I adore — one friendly, 16-pound babe named Kylee, and a cuddly polydactyl cutie named Mittens

2.) I was homeschooled for five years (and NOT because my family is religious; they are quite agnostic, actually)

3.) I used to play the washboard in a jug band led by a Pulitzer-winning reporter

4.) I once appeared on local TV alongside a renowned psychic

5.) I am certified to teach yoga at the 200-hour level and have taught classes in Eagan, Eden Prairie, Burnsville, as well as in Central Minnesota and Southeastern Minnesota

6.) I love poetry and spend a lot of time reading and writing it, but I’m not quite ready to share it with the world just yet

7.) I love lists and organizing, which I know officially makes me a dork, but I’m OK with that!