Let’s get to know each other better

Hi, I’m Britt. I created this site. I thought I would introduce myself so we can get to know each other a little better.

I’m from St. Cloud, a college town in Central Minnesota. My full name is Brittan, but I never introduce myself that way because people get confused easily. Too often I’ve been called Brittany, Bridget or Brett. Also once a robot voicemail left by the city of Minneapolis called me “man god,” which was a first. Sometimes I wonder if I should go back to Brittan, let people screw it up, and then correct them, as a way of honoring myself. Sometimes I’m too frustrated by going through the whole rigmarole, though, and I just go by Britt.

I was homeschooled for five years — not because my family is religious (they are very much not), but because my family is full of stubborn, do-it-yourself-ers who have the work ethic of farmers and the creativity of artists. My parents are entrepreneurs and own a sign-making company. Me and my younger brother were also raised in a mini zoo in our middle-class home, surrounded by nine cats, two guinea pigs, lots of fish and too many mice to count.

I grew up very shy but also deeply curious about the world. I began writing poetry when I hit puberty and I have well over a book’s worth of work that I have continued since then. I had known from a very early age I would be a writer professionally, because I was obsessed with writing and reading since I was old enough to do those things. My fixations as a young scribe included researching the holocaust and ancient Egypt, and scrawling in my diary about how cute the New Kids on the Block were. So, you know, I guess you could say I was always a generalist.

Today I’m not that different. I can be found with my nose deep in philosophy books and psychological theories, and binge-watching a Beyonce documentary or a mindless sitcom. I also love baking cookies and doodling.

Here are my official credentials. I graduated from the University of Minnesota with a degree in English. I’ve worked as a professional writer and editor for more than a decade. I’m very lucky to have found this work; I’ve gotten to meet some famous people and some infamous people, I’ve written about incredibly strong and unique people, and I’ve learned a lot about the world. I’ve also won some fancy awards and I’ve even gone on TV once. My hope is that so far I’ve helped the communities and readers I’ve served as much as they have helped me.

But like everyone else in our society, I have a tendency to overwork myself. To stay grounded, I have leaned heavily on yoga, meditation and mindfulness techniques that I learned while going through a yoga teacher training in 2010 and 2011. I got the certification to learn more about the practice, which has transformed me into a calmer, more thoughtful, more intentional version of myself. I still have a lot of oh-my-god-what-are-my-nerves-doing moments, but not as many as I used to.

Just like when I was a kid, I spend my time on both heavy and light subjects. I spend a ton of time cuddling my sweet cats that I can’t stop Instagramming. I also love roller derby. And music. And burritos.

So now you know more about me. I want to know more about you! Contact me to introduce yourself.